Artlantis Render

Artlantis Render, the rendering software for your all of your still images. Artlantis is supper fast, easy to use and delivers stunning photorealistic results.

With a rich library of basic shaders, textures and objects you can turn the model for atmospheric rendering.

For even more variations and objects and textures Artlantis has an online library available with over 5000 shaders and objects to refine your achievements even more.


One of the strongest points of Artlantis is the real-time preview. All changes and modifications are immediately visible in the preview window. You immediately see the effect of your changes some productivity benefits.

Licht sources

Placing of light sources is very simple, light sources are fully customizable in the preview window. Determine the position, choose a color, a radiation angle, a light and determine the brightness in lumens. The optional light cone adds atmosphere in your rendering.

Heliodon and clouds

Generate your own sky with the choices of different types of clouds. This makes it possible the have a great variety of skys in your presentations. For each project or view you create a new realistic sky with a personalised composition of clouds.

The sun may set you simply manually or according to the desired location on earth for a realistic solar study. As with the lighting can the volumetric effect of the light rays, or "God rays", can be added in the heliodon (sun) settings.

For specific post-processing on the rendered images, alle special effects, materails are recorded in specific layers when exporting to Photoshop (* .psd) format.



More than 1000 textures, shaders, objects and billboeards are standard in Artlantis. In addition to this extensive set of more delivered meterialen and objects, you have access to the Artlantis Media Store for even more variations and choices.
You can easly browse through the catalog sheets and use your Media Credits to download the materials and the objects you need.

Media Credits are available in our shop and are linked to your account, so you always have access to the Media Store.

If this is not enough you have the opportunity to make yourself your own shaders using simple graphics. Also own 3D objects can be added to the Artlantis library.



Postcards offers you the opportunity to save the energy you put into the "fine-tuning" of materials and easily reproduced these settings in other projects.
A postcard preserved all material properties in special jpg file.
From this picture (postcard) drag the visual materials for your new project, as you would with the normal shaders.


Artlantis offers a number plugins for popular CAD program, the easiest way to load your model in Artlantis the need of using an export file.

Because a project continuously changed and adjusted, the link to Artlantis remain without you always have to set everything again.
With "Use Reference file" you refer to the previous render file for all the settings such as light, sun, shaders, to objects, cameras, ...

Artlantis supported a wide range of 3D CAD formats such as DXF, DWG, DWF, OBJ, FBX and 3DS.