Artlantis workshops for students

We look at the different features, we teach you the tips and trucks and this on the basis of various 3D models. We teach you to work with different types of shaders, using textures, alpha channel and smooting. Points of Light Create group and copy, sun settings and lighting effects. The use and create their own layers. Set up cameras, configuring the finishing and setting sun.

Group training
The Students course is organized in small groups of at least 4 and up to 8 people.
For 3.5 hours (18.00 + -21.30u) we guide you in creating fotorealischtische renders.

  • You are a student and you can prove this a.h.v. your student.
  • You will receive a free student license for Artlantis Studio.
  • You bring your own laptop, so you're sure when you get back home that Artlantis will work perfectly.
  • Get a group of at least 4 or 5 people. It's always more fun to be in familiar company to follow the training.
  • Cost : 15,-€ / student.
  • Contact BAT solutions for an appointment.