Artlantis student license

In order to give each student the opportunity to work with Artlantis Studio and experimentation, you can obtain a free serial number to activate the Artlantis Studio demo version.
You will receive a serial number for Artlantis Studio and not for Artlantis Render. The Studio version is identical to the Render version, but with additional animation capabilities (eg a panorama on the iPad)

Artlantis 6

Artlantis 6 is currently available for the professionals.
As a student, you have to exercise some patience until next school year to receive a student license for this version.
So for the moment being , you will need to work with Artlantis Studio 5!

Submit the application form along with proof that you are a student (eg copy student card + passport), to obtain a free license. This license remains valid for one year after activation and can be renewed thereafter.

Upon receipt and verification of your data you receive from us an activation code for the latest version Artlantis Studio.

Refresh / Expired License

If Artlantis reports that your student license has expired, while one-year period has not yet expired, you can renew your license through

To combat abuse will Artlantis, at defined intervals, ask to renew your license.
Next renewal : 30 September 2015

Zelf downloaden

You can download the software via this link. This demo version works for 30 days.
With the received serial number, you can activate the demo version into a full Artlantis Studio version without restrictions.


SketchUp Pro for students

You can desing your 3D model with SketchUp. SketchUp Make is free for home use.
SketchUp Pro is intended for commercial use, with a range of additional features.
As a student, you may qualify for a SkecthUp Pro license to a student-price.

If you have already submitted the application form for Artlantis Studio, you can order the student version of SkecthUp Pro in the online shop